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406 18 recall control of the acylcarnitinecarnitine

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Unformatted text preview: f the AcylCarnitine/Carnitine Transporter Responsible for the magic trick of supplying Responsible fatty acyl-CoA’s to the mitochondrial matrix, where β -oxidation takes place Transport is the rate-limiting step in fatty acid Transport rate-limiting oxidation oxidation This is the point of regulation by malonyl-CoA, This which inhibits acyl-carnitine transferase I which Why malonyl-CoA? 19 11.4.06 Recall: Where does malonyl-CoA come from? Fig. 21-1 cytoplasm Abundant cytoplasmic Abundant acetyl-CoA is converted to malonyl-CoA in a biotin-dependent carboxylation reaction malonyl-CoA This is the first step in fatty acid biosynthesis This Under what conditions would there be lots of Under acetyl-CoA 20 acetyl-CoA in the cytoplasm? 11.4.06 The Crosstalk Between...
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