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Together We Stand Letter week 7
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Running head: TOGETHER WE STAND LETTER 1 Together We Stand Letter LaKeisha Sharpe HUM 111 Sunday April, 24, 2011 University of Phoenix
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TOGETHER WE STAND LETTER 2 Together We Stand Letter To whom it may concern, As I am sitting here writing this letter, I think back to the day that my husband and I brought this beautiful house in the Pawtuckett neighborhood. I can still remember the day that the keys were placed into my hands and I became the proud owner of this three bedroom house. The neighborhood supplied us with wonderful neighbors, a tight knit small community, excellent schools, recreation centers and activities for our children. Everything was great until I noticed a disturbing trend. The disturbing trend started about a year ago when some of my neighbors started suffering with symptoms that seems to happen all at one time. The symptoms that they are experiencing include pain and discomfort, high cholesterol, migraines, fatigue, high red and white blood cell counts, and intestinal problems. After visiting their physicians, at least 3
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