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1. How can having a diverse workforce improve the bottom line for companies? 2. Do some research and determine three companies that have embraced diversity. What do their leaders do to ensure everyone understands why diversity in the workplace is important. Remember your original post needs to be a min. of 150 words and posted by Thursday. Your two follow up posts need to be posted by Sunday and need to be at least 100 words. "Organizations which excel at leveraging diversity (including the hiring and advancement of women and nonwhite men into senior management jobs, and providing a climate conducive to contributions from people of diverse backgrounds) will experience better financial performance in the long run than organizations which are not effective in managing diversity." The Advantages of Workforce Diversity for the Bottom Line by Ruth Mayhew, Demand Media Creating a diverse workforce within your business will improve profitability. Customers are diverse and are more
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Unformatted text preview: likely to embrace a diverse organization (e.g. one that they feel in step with). Creating a diverse workforce presents challenges though, it will be a challenge for the hR department but achievable overtime. Doing this will increase the companys worth, which always makes shareholders and stakeholders content. A diverse workforce will broaden the customer base and make the organization part of the community. It can be easy for companies to fall into the trap of being too diverse, what I mean to say is possibly having a lop-sided demographic. Walmart appears to have embraced diversity very well within their stores, not as heavy in the executive area. American Medical Systems talks about diversity on their website and all the pictures of customers are diverse, however the employees all seem to look the same and the executives are not diverse. Target is another company that has embraced diversity very well....
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