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Unit 4 Post - Unit 4 Barbara Brandmire Post It has always...

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Unit 4 Barbara Brandmire Post It has always been a struggle for women in the workplace, albeit we are light years from where we were even 20 years ago with the stereotypes. From my perspective, there is more going on under the surface sometimes than what you see. What I mean to say is, we have more high powered women now within organizations, many women earn more money than their male counterparts, and many more women are in executive roles. For all appearances the “good ole boys club” is gone, but not really. Many stereotypes are still under the surface, some have just changed slightly. Where people used to say “a woman’s place is in the home”; now you will hear people saying things like “who raises her children?”, “she will sorry someday that she missed quality family time”, “well I raise my kids, her nanny raises hers”, and so on and so on. I personally have struggled with the priority of children or job, for me and many other women, sometimes it is not a choice.
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