Unit 5 post - the minority in America. 3. Hispanics have...

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Unit 5 post Post: There are many different races and national origins represented in the US workplace. Please discuss at least three of the following and provide stereotypes that are associated with the race or national origin of your choice. Please provide your thoughts on the fallacy of the stereotype as well as identifying the stereotype. 1. African American 2. Caucasian 3. Hispanic 4. Pacific Islander 5. Native American 6. Asian 1. Because African Americans were brought over as slaves, this stereotype still can ring true even today with some people. African Americans are still looked down upon as if they were still in enslaved, as an example this ethnicity was not allowed in many public establishments or to use toilets. This has changed dramatically; African Americans are politicians, executives, supervisors, managers, office workers, business owners, etc. 2. Caucasian can be stereotyped with the Superiority complex, that this ethnicity feels they are superior to all races. They may feel they are becoming
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Unformatted text preview: the minority in America. 3. Hispanics have the stereotypes of laziness, illegal alien, while some of this may true, it can be said of any person in any ethnicity. From what I have read regarding employment in the US, this group is a very hard working group in general. It appears they just want to work and make money and support their families. 4. I guess the stereotypes I hear most often are “they are all alcoholics” and “live off the casinos and land they won in the settlement”. There are many strong leaders within the Native American community, they are loyal to their own and stand by their side through thick and thin. They take care of one another, these are commendable behaviors. 5. It seems the one that first comes to mind is the “learn to speak English”, also the women are submissive and American men like that. I think this is also a culture that values and honors its family. They have some very strong values and are quite disciplined....
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Unit 5 post - the minority in America. 3. Hispanics have...

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