Unit 7 Post - o Must be something wrong in their brain o...

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Unit 7 Post Understanding the need to have awareness of diversity issues before you can help solve them, discuss some of the stereotypes surrounding sexual orientation and identity. Specifically discuss stereotypes that homosexuals or transgender employees will face. Secondly, discuss what you as a HR leader will do to combat discrimination against homosexuals or transgender in the workplace. There are many stereotypes surrounding sexual orientation, I have listed some below: WOMEN Lesbian o Ball Buster o Hates men o Not feminine o Who’s the man MEN Homosexual o Soft o Flits about o More interested in their clothes and hair o Over the top TRANSGENDER Either sex
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Unformatted text preview: o Must be something wrong in their brain o Cant figure out what they are o Why do women always want to be the man o Hes a Helen o Doesnt he see his adams apple? Any situation is a difficult one leading by example as an organization in my opinion is extremely important. Training, open communication, and allowing employees the trusting environment to ask questions about the differences. This will help everyone understand each other better to work effectively and respectively with each other. It is important everyone understand that any feelings they have are ok, however treating everyone respectfully is expected....
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Unit 7 Post - o Must be something wrong in their brain o...

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