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Unit 10 Post What employee needs are being addressed or provided for in these programs? How are these programs similar? How are these programs different? Explain. Share your own ideas for a work-family or work-life program. What priorities are you addressing in the ideas you share? I selected Best Buy and Famous Dave’s, BB because they have a formal program in place complete with a group managing it, Famous Dave’s because nothing is written down per se, more one-off as someone asks. For BB the program is called Results Only-Work Environment (ROWE). The managing of the program is handled internally but partners with a consulting firm called CultureRx (which happens to be owned by two former BB employees. The group internally handles change management training provided to managers and employees. Additionally this group identifies what the measurements of success are as each department is moved the ROWE program. This is done by department, because the measurement of success can vary as do
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