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Team Project Julie Edin Aquala Bright Barbara Brandmire Scene: Outside a bar a young man is asking for coin from those who leave. An older man exits the bar and sees the young boy and is upset. He approaches the boy. Michael – “What is your name child?” Daven - “Daven. Yours, sir?” Michael – “Michael, but Sir works for your purpose. You are a beggar, have you ever worked for coin? Paid for your living?” Daven - “Sir, you know not of what you speak. I am too young to work.” Michael – “Yet you beg for coin from those who work hard for it.” Daven - “You are an Englishman, a Soldier nonetheless. You do not know of the ways here.” The man straightens up as if proud of his uniform. Michael - “That I am, but I do know of the ways around here. You people do not respect authority, or tradition. You want everything handed to you. You need to work for it, and honor
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your mother country. You rascals down at the port today are a disgrace.” (He brushes his fine, clean uniform, speaking condescendingly to the boy) The boy smiles and puts the money he has collected this evening in his pocket. Daven - “Perhaps it is your mother country that is the disgrace. We are working hard here to earn money and it is stolen by the likes of people like you.” Michael (Sir) - “You pay for the right of protection and for the distance the items come, there is reason.” Daven - “That is the reason you give. We are taxed more here than in England and we have no say. Today, we fought back.” Michael (Sir) “I have no time for your rubbish” (Michael enters the bar) Daven – (following Michael into the bar) “Why do you walk away, do you fear me and my thoughts?” In the background the bartender is just serving a fresh draft to a patron. Bartender – “Here you go, John, an ice cold draft. Just how you like it mate.”
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Team Play Rev5 - Team Project Julie Edin Aquala Bright...

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