Unit 1 C - Barbara Brandmire Unit 1 C First, think of an...

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Barbara Brandmire Unit 1 C First, think of an event from your childhood that resulted in conflict with another person. Explain in half a page what happened, who was involved, and anything else that was significant to the conflict. 2. Now, using the ideas from this unit's reading, transform this incident by shifting the means of perception to the other person in the conflict. Still writing in the first person, write half a page based on what he or she may have seen or thought during the conflict. Add in some additional information such as motive or reaction that was not given in the first version. Use dialogue, action, and thoughts. This is now fiction. 3. This time, add in a third person to the situation. This person is not involved in the conflict; rather, he or she is observing the conflict. Write half a page, once again using first person, about what the situation looks like to this observer (remember to write in the first person, meaning you are the observer). 4. Finally, pick one of these three means of perceptions and rewrite the situation with each character 15-20 years older. What would the situation look like now from the perception you've adopted? 5. Once each of these four perceptions are completed, write a brief paragraph discussing what this exercise has taught you about fictional writing, shaping, and viewpoint. 1. I was at a friend’s house and they had an older person over that was a new friend of her’s, they decided to sniff deodorant out of a can and I was uncomfortable with it so I went home. My mother asked me why I came home so early and I said I didn’t want to play with her anymore. My mother continued to badger me about it and I finally told her about the sniffing deodorant in a bag. My mother went to the school principal (we 12 and 13 at the time, new in the 7 th
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Unit 1 C - Barbara Brandmire Unit 1 C First, think of an...

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