Barbara Brandmir Unit 4

Barbara Brandmir Unit 4 - Barbara Brandmire Unit 4 First,...

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Barbara Brandmire Unit 4 First, watch each of the segments/chapters in the Blue-eyed, Brown Eyed project video link (in the Additional Learning Resources folder). Then write a 1-3 page reflection paper. What thoughts were going through your head when you were watching the video? How did the project make you look at intercultural communications differently? To help guide your reflection, please feel free to address any of the below questions in reference to the PBS video documentary also (it is not a requirement to address these questions, but they are here to guide you if you'd like to). But please do discuss the key lessons you took from the piece and how you can apply that to your own intercultural communication strategies in the future. 1. Discuss three things that were done to put the Blue-eyed group in a submissive position; 2. Discuss some of the behaviors exhibited by members of the Blue-eyed group as they attempted to cope with their position; 3. Can you see any potential harmful effects of this exercise on the participants? If yes, what are they? If no, what might be some of the positive effects?
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Barbara Brandmir Unit 4 - Barbara Brandmire Unit 4 First,...

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