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Barbara_Brandmire_Yoder_Unit 9 - communications part of it....

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Barbara Brandmire Intercultural Communications Unit 9 Wisconsin v. Yoder Free Exercise of Religion I found this court case to be interesting in several ways and it taught me several things about intercultural communications and an educational setting. As I was going through the exercise my initial thought on the case was that Jonas Yonder had a religious right to pull his son from school after the 8 th grade. I was also not aware that there was a free exercise of religion clause that seeks to balance the rights of citizens to practice their religion, with the interests of the society. After I read that statement I was in between, I wasn’t sure that pulling his son from school was in the best interest for the society. As I read further into this exercise and read the arguments for the case I really started to understand the intercultural
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Unformatted text preview: communications part of it. Without the understanding of why the Amish culture needs to withdraw their children from school after 8 th grade, it would appear that it is better for them to stay enrolled in school. The arguments for withdrawing his son were so strong in the belief of their religion and how they live their lives. It is unfortunate that Jonas Yonder had to be arrested, tried and convicted on breaking the law, since the court was unaware of his religious beliefs. I think if everyone had more education about other cultures and religions this may not have happened in the manner that it did. Hopefully this case will set a precedent for other cases of the same nature and no one else will have to go through this because of their beliefs....
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Barbara_Brandmire_Yoder_Unit 9 - communications part of it....

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