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Nonverbal Research - assist you with this In your...

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Nonverbal Research Select a country of interest to you. It can be a large country, a medium-sized country, or a small country, it doesn't matter; the most important thing is that it is a country of interest to you. You will then research that country's nonverbal tendencies and strategies. Once you have completed your research, present your findings in a 2-4 page, double-spaced essay or a PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 18 slides). You must cite all of your sources in the text of your paper/presentation, as well as on a bibliography page/slide at the end of your paper/presentation. The APA resource guides in this unit's Additional Learning Resources folder can
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Unformatted text preview: assist you with this. In your presentation include an exploration of a variety of nonverbal approaches, from gestures to personal space to use of time, etc. How are their strategies different from what you are accustomed to? What values are conveyed by these nonverbal tactics? What do these strategies teach you about the culture as a whole? Finally include a discussion of what this activity has taught you about nonverbal communication in general. Once your presentation is complete, please submit using the below view/complete assignment link....
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