Unit 5 Barbara Brandmire

Unit 5 Barbara Brandmire - Barbara Brandmire Unit 5 On a...

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Barbara Brandmire Unit 5 On a scratch piece of paper write down a detailed description of the very first image that comes to mind for each of the individuals below. 1. A gas-station mechanic; 2. Someone who walks with a cane and lives in a rest home; 3. A rock musician; 4. A hairdresser; 5. Someone who sells vacuum cleaners door to door; 6. Someone who has five children and is on welfare. Transfer your image descriptions to a Word document and then answer the following questions: What sex did you think of for each of these people? What age were they? What was each's ethnic background? Now, for each individual on the list, create an alternative image to your initial reaction. What else may each "look" like? Conclude these lists and answers with a paragraph discussing what this exercise teaches you about stereotyping and some of the specific stereotypes you may personally hold. First Impressions- 1. Gets dirty at work, makes good money, maybe married has worked hard his whole life and provided for a family, put kids through college. This is a white male, approximately 60 years old. He has very strong hands, a twinkle in his eye and a full head hair. He wears the same clothes every day to work, dark blue pants and grey shirt with a pocket on the front. The pants have the grease stains on both legs in the same spot where he wipes his hands, he also has a rag hanging from his back pocket that he wipes his hands on all day. He is a pleasant man, smiles when he talks but is matter of fact in his speaking manner. o Alternate Image- This is a young man, 25 years old, white. He grew up in a small town and can’t leave. He has parents, grandparents and they all expect him to carry on in the family business at the local garage. He is afraid to say no, so he goes to work each day and spends his money in the local bars, sometimes drives into another town. Different girl every week, no intention of settling down, not here.
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2. They may need assisted living and thank goodness they could afford good care
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Unit 5 Barbara Brandmire - Barbara Brandmire Unit 5 On a...

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