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Unit 9 - be it I do see both sides of it by reading the...

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Review and complete the Free Exercise of Religion learning object in the Additional Learning Resources folder. After completion of the learning object, reflect what this court case taught you about intercultural communications and the educational setting in a 1-page paper. It is enjoyable to read these cases, however sometimes I just cannot believe the amount of time and money spent on some of the issues courts will hear. When the law allows a 16 year old to drop out of school, how can the same law enforce an opposing law forcing the parents to leave the child in school. I guess I wonder if it is more a battle of the religious belief or culture that the law makers are disagreeing with. In my opinion these types of cases should just not be taking the courts time, especially the supreme court. If the Amish believe that a child of 16 should now leave school and begin working within the Amish community as part of their culture, so
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Unformatted text preview: be it. I do see both sides of it by reading the statements, I understand each sides position. What good would it do to force a child to remain in school that doesn’t want to be there anyway? What is the child learning? How does help the community, school, or the classmates/peers? It seems like we are trying to embrace all these cultures in America, yet when we feel it is breaking our law, then we step in and say no. At the same time we bend on allowing some cultures to have their faces covered (almost completely) for the Driver’s License photo; I don’t get it. It seems far more dangerous to me that we ensure that the person is who they say they are, one way is by viewing the Driver’s License, yet we are taking cases such as this one to the Supreme Court....
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