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Unit 11 - Unit 11 Barbara Brandmire After you have created...

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Unit 11 Barbara Brandmire After you have created your minimum of 10 flashcards in connection to the movie, also include a discussion in a Word document outlining an action plan you personally plan to take to become a more competent intercultural communicator in your own life. Identify and explain in detail a minimum of three steps or initiatives you plan to take to improve in this area. Be specific and detailed in these descriptions. I had seen this movie when it first came out; I have watched it a few times since then and always seem to learn something from it. For me personally, I am sure that in each area of relationships I could work on some things, for this exercise tough we were asked to pull three. The top three for me that I should have initiatives on are – 1. Accommodation: I always will accommodate, no matter the situation I think I should come last. I too have asked my family or friends to also honor that accommodation even when they disagreed. I also call it avoiding conflict. I feel I would be a better and
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