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Land Management Roles and Descriptions - GovernmentAgencies...

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Radhika Patel Public Land Management Assignment Government Agencies Agency Description Responsibilities National Park Service Take care of 393 national  parks in the U.S., and  work in 3141 countries.  1. Return historic buildings to  productive use. 2. Revitalize neighborhoods 3. Expand affordable housing 4. Protect watersheds 5. Promote local history  6. Educate people on  stewardship opportunities. United States Forest  Service Manages public lands in  national forests and  grassland. Manages  through nine geographic  regions. 1. Technical and financial  assistance 2. Provide water and timber. 3. Manage multiple uses for  areas. Bureau of Land  Management Manage Resources on  public lands 1. Manage large area of natural  resources. a. Budget information b. Communication site  information c. Forest Woodlands Fish and Wildlife Service Administer National  Wildlife Refuge System,  and work with others. 1. Conserve and protect fish,  wildlife, plants, and their  habitats, while still benefiting  American people.
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