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Spec Prob Ch8 - 16 neck size ≤< L 16 17 neck size...

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AP Statistics Name_________________________ SPECIAL PROBLEMS DUE TUESDAY, JANUARY 13th 1.) Men’s shirt sizes are determined by their neck sizes.  Suppose that men’s neck sizes are  approximately normally distributed with a mean of 15.7 inches and a standard deviation  of 0.7 inch.  A retailer sells men’s shirts in sizes S, M, L, XL, where the shirt sizes are  defined in the table below. a.) Because the retailer only stocks sizes listed above, what proportion of customers will  find that the retailer does not carry any shirts in their sizes?  SHOW WORK b.) Using a sketch of the normal curve, illustrate the proportion of men whose shirt size  is M.  Calculate this proportion. c.) Of 12 randomly selected customers, what is the probability that exactly 4 will request  size M?  SHOW YOUR WORK Shirt  Size Neck Size S 14 15 neck size < M 15
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Unformatted text preview: 16 neck size ≤ < L 16 17 neck size ≤ < XL 17 18 neck size ≤ < 2.) REVIEW The Better Business Council of a large city has concluded that students in the city’s schools are not learning enough about economics to function in the modern world. These findings were based on test results from a random sample of 20 twelfth grade students who completed a 46-question multiple-choice test on basic economic concepts. The data set below shows the number of questions that each of the 20 students in the sample answered correctly. 12 16 18 17 18 33 41 44 38 35 19 36 19 13 43 8 16 14 10 9 a.) Display these data in a stemplot b.) Use your stemplot from part (a) to describe the main features of this score distribution. c.) Why would it be misleading to report only a measure of center for this score distribution?...
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Spec Prob Ch8 - 16 neck size ≤< L 16 17 neck size...

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