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APStat Chapter 5 Quiz Review Answer questions on another sheet of paper. 1. Canada requires that cars be equipped with “daytime running lights,” headlights that automatically come on at a low level when the car is started. Many manufacturers are now equipping cars sold in the United States with running lights. Will running lights reduce accidents by making cars more visible? (a) Describe the design of an experiment to help answer this question. In particularly what response variables will you examine? (b) What cautions do you see that might apply to an experiment on the effects of running lights? 2. Does ginkgo improve memory? The law allows marketers of herbs and other natural substances to make health claims that are not supported by evidence. Brands of ginkgo extract claim to “improve memory and concentration.” A randomized comparative experiment found no evidence for such effects. The subjects were 230 healthy people over 60 years old. They were randomly assigned to ginkgo or a
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