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AP Statistics – Review For Chapter 3 Quiz 1. Which of the following statements about a linear regression model is (are) true? I. The sum of residuals is always (approximately) zero. II. If r 2 = 0, the regression line is a horizontal line III. No pattern in the residual plot is an indication that a nonlinear model will show a better fit to the data than a straight line regression model. IV. A correlation of r = -1 means there is no relationship 2. Consider the regression line: y = 2105 – 5.5x where y = number of deaths due to cancer per 100,000 people (from 1970 to 2000) and x = the year. What is indicated by the slope of the line? 3. Consider the regression line: ˆ y = b " 4 x Assume that it passes through the point (3,8). What is the value of b? What is the value
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Unformatted text preview: of x in terms of y ? 4. Assume that the scores on the Ohio Driver’s Test written exam are normally distributed with a mean of 78 and a standard deviation of 8. What percentage of students score above 90 on the test? What percent score below 65? 5. Consider the following pairs of 100 and 200 meter dash times. 100 meter time 200 meter time 10.95 22.01 11.07 22.31 11.22 22.71 What is the linear correlation between the times? 6. What is the equation of the least squares regression line from the data in #5? 7. Assume that the weight of adult males in Ohio is normally distributed with a mean of 194 lbs and a standard deviation of 27.5 lbs. What percentage of men in Ohio weigh more than 250 pounds?...
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