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Unformatted text preview: I love the idea of companies going green and wish more of them would do it. The ideas of adopting green chemistry are great and it would help the entire planet of if these guidelines were mandatory and not just an option. I try to buy from companies who have an interest in the environment and make products that are safe also. So if a company is to go green it does take investment but I think it’s a big seller. The Clorox Company bought my favorite small company Burt’s Bees in 2008; this was about the same time that they were coming out with their Green works products. It seems this was the trend in 2008 as Colgate Palmolive bought Tom’ of Maine and L’Oreal bought The Body Shop around the same time. I think for Clorox that this was a good move for them as a company but I do have to wonder how much my favorite products have changed, the ingredient lists on some products have gotten longer and some of my products are no longer 98.8% pure as they used to advertise, they are no 96.5% pure, so I wonder what they are are no longer 98....
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