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Hydrogen and oxygen can react to form water. Why then, is it possible to have pure hydrogen and pure oxygen present in a  balloon without any reaction occurring at all?            
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 2. Question : <!-- Alternate content for non-supporting browsers --&gtIf you see this message rather than the course content, click to <!--  RspA -->&ltA href="http://kucourses.com/ec/media/store/mediagened/SC155_1001C/SelfAssessmentTips/U6Q2/index.html" 
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Unformatted text preview: target="_blank"><!-- RspH:A --&gtdisplay the page</A>. 3. Question : Which of the following describes how the instantaneous reaction rate changes over time during the formation of O 2 from the decomposition of N 2 O 5 ? * Times are displayed in (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)...
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