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Post traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD) is a specific anxiety disorder stemming from a traumatic event. Other anxiety disorders are more wide ranged. PTSD symptoms and attacks of anxiety are triggered by many things concerning the traumatic event. People who have PTSD can have reoccurring nightmares about the event or upsetting thoughts that relate to the event. They can also experience feelings of distress or get visibly upset when reminded of the event. People who suffer with PTSD also can experience flashbacks and become physically responsive to reminders of the event by experiencing heart palpitations and sweating. People with other anxiety disorders are usually created from a number of things. Generalized anxiety disorder stems from excessive worry and concern about a number of things and not just one situation like PTSD. People who experience panic disorders have frequent and unexpected panic attacks out of the blue
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Unformatted text preview: and they have consistent worry that an attack will happen again. I believe that I personally had a panic attack once and it was not fun, and I don’t wish that type of stress on anyone. People who suffer panic attacks also seem to have a feeling of impending doom. Social anxiety is the fear of social situations and then there are specific anxieties which I believe most Americans will suffer from. Specific anxiety is fear of a specific object or situation. Don’t we all have something we fear??? Driving across bridges, spiders, clowns, heights, elevators, the list could be endless. Tull,PhD, M. (2009, July). An Overview of PTSD Symptoms . Retrieved January, 2011, from about.com website:http://ptsd.about.com/od/symptomsanddiagnosis/a/PTSDsymptoms.htm...
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