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nit 9 dis - Heat exhaustion and heat stroke have some...

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Heat exhaustion and heat stroke have some similar symptoms but one is more dangerous than the other and requires immediate emergency attention. Heat exhaustion occurs when people lose their body fluids through sweating, exercise is a common culprit. A person’s temperature will tend to be elevated while suffering from heat exhaustion. When a person suffers from heat exhaustion their bodies are not properly adjusted to the heat and he body tried to cool itself through sweating and then the body loses electrolytes. Some symptoms of heat exhaustion are cool moist skin, profuse sweating, muscle cramps while exercising, and the person may feel faint of dizzy. Sometime the body’s temp will be over 100 degrees. To help the body during heat exhaustion the person should rest in a cool area, remove or loosen clothing, and apply cool compresses to the skin. Salty snacks and plenty of fluids will help also. A person suffering heat exhaustion and begins to experience
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