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Discussion 2 life cycle - A pregnant womans nutritional...

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A pregnant woman’s nutritional needs should be her first priority. As the fetus develops the mother needs to be aware that the extra protein, carbs, and calories she needs affect her growing baby to help it grow and form properly. During the first trimester an extra caloric intake is not needed, when entering the 2 nd trimester a woman needs to understand that her diet should increase by 360 k cal a day; the mother also needs to be aware that 360 kcal is not an entire dinner and sometimes a visual or example of what 360 calories is can help the mom in this process. The additional 360 calories can be added by a bowl of cereal and fruit or a side salad and bowl of soup, or additional healthy snacking throughout the day. During the 3 rd trimester the mom can add an additional 112 k/cal into her diet as this is the time the baby does most of its actual growing. Appropriate weight gain during a pregnancy is important to the mom and the baby. If a woman gains too
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