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Promises like Pie

Promises like Pie - Promises like Pie-Crust Christina...

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Promises like Pie-Crust Christina Rossetti Promises like Pie-Crust is a poem by Christina Rossetti, a poet from London England. She had strong ties to the Catholic Church. She was never married but was engaged once. Rossetti’s poems were centered on the idea of unfulfilled love and tension amongst desire and abandonment depict most of her works. The poem is an eight line stanza written in groups of three different paragraphs. The main subject presented in the story line is about the past and false promises. The author talks about the past and how it is affecting a present relationship and how they can’t make promises that if they are together it will work out. The speaker of the poem is unpleasant from her past experiences dealing with love and building relationships. There is something that is keeping her from building a foundation to a relationship with her friend who has a familiar background to hers. It seems as if she is holding on to a grudge from a past relationship. There has been a lost for the ability to feel the warmth again of true love; and it has slowly faded away and it seems as if she wants it to remain forgotten. They come to the conclusion to be friends since there is not the possibility of them being anything more because they both come from hurtful pasts. Rossetti uses rhythm, symbolism, details , repetition, parallelism, and paradox. to drive the flow of the poem and tell about lost hope. Christina Rossetti was born in December of 1830. This is in the period known as the Anglo- Catholic movement. This was an organization involved in reconciling Anglicanism with Catholicism. The movement is based on the idea that there are three branches of Catholicism. Catholicism, Orthodox and Anglicanism, and their main difference are just on the surface. She was involved, passionately, with men
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