Hill Plot Problem - 1/2 for the T state of the molecule iv The apparent(PO 2 1/2 for the R state of the molecule c Recalling that normal human

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Hill Plot Problem The following data have been observed for a suspected mutant of human hemoglobin. That is, the fraction of O 2 binding (θ) has been measured (spectroscopically) as a function of O 2 pressure. a. plot the data directly. Is the hemoglobin still cooperative? Can you estimate the overall P 50 ? b. replot according to the Hill alogorithm to find: i. The apparent (PO 2 ) 1/2 ii The Hill number iii. The apparent (PO 2 )
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Unformatted text preview: 1/2 for the T state of the molecule iv. The apparent (PO 2 ) 1/2 for the R state of the molecule c. Recalling that normal human hemeoglobin has a Hill number of 2.8-3.0 and a P50 of about 26 Torr, what defects does this mutant show? PO 2 (torr) Θ (fraction saturated) 0.3 0.00166 0.9 0.00498 2.5 0.0137 5 0.0322 7.5 0.067 10 0.110 15 0.211 30 0.5 45 0.684 60 0.78 75 0.83 100 0.87 150 0.91 200 0.93...
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