chapter 8 harvey tucker gov test

chapter 8 harvey tucker gov test - The urban machine and...

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Unformatted text preview: The urban machine and reform I ndustilization and immigration- new idudstires needed workforce. No transportation, so sea and river ports were chosen as suitable sites for manufacturing plants. Urban areas alone could supply sufficient workers who could walk to work, and immigrants were good cheap labor. This resulted in many people needing services that government was unwilling to provide. Some saw the potential appeal to immigrants and seized the opportunity. “Ward-heelers” helped immigrants find shelter and provided services in exchange for votes. URBAN MACH I NE replaced well-to-do classes that previously governed in their own interests and were unresponsive to raising personal taxes to provide for poor immigrants. Dillons rule- cities are creations of states, those who lost power to the immigrant based machines fought back by forcing cities into reform. Secret ballot-state provided Austrian ballot, or secret ballot as the only lawful way to cast ones vote. Machines supplied ballots with voting choices already made. Poll watchers for machines could see these ballots with the “correct” votes being cast. Non partisan elections-candidates were not be identified by party labels. I lliterates could no longer vote REP OR DE M Presently 80 percent retain partisan elections. Merit system- of selecting public employees was intended to disable the machines awarding public jobs to supporters. In merit system, candidates judges competent receive jobs with no consideration of their party affiliation. Workers under the machine were expected to give up 10 percent of their earning back to the party organization that helped them. Civil service employees owe noting to political parties for their jobs and contribute little to nothing. Many states discourage the political involvement of civil service to nothing....
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  • Fall '07
  • Peterson
  • Municipality, Local government in the United States, large elections, ith voting choices, rt isan elections

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chapter 8 harvey tucker gov test - The urban machine and...

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