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mgmt 02-15-2010 - types of contracts difference between...

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types of contracts difference between express contract and implied contract express-written or oral contracts but it states all terms, conditions, elements "i'll pay you to work in my yard". Easier to written contract- easier to prove. implied contract(expressed by fact)- not discussed. its understood. when you buy something, the expect you to pay for it at mcdonalds. they don't talk about it. just as legal as those that are discussed. Quasi (expressed by law)- something missing. not quite enforceable. "swim what do you want done in your yard? just come over and i'll explain" you do all the work, before and after pictures, awesome work. get ready to get paid, and swim says "wheres your permit?" brazes valley has an ordinance that says you cant do yardwork without a permit. not obligated too pay because he'd be paying for illegal work. court cant bail you out of stupid contracts. if your in a stupid situation, they cant get you out of it. go to small claims case or Justice of the peace and put in a claim. you'd be throwing yourself at the court begging for mercy. he could help you out or kick you out of the court. judge could say"get the permit and i'll pretend you had it, and then order swim to pay you" don't rely on it unless you have too
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conditional- you have to do it. under any conditions. if its possible. yard work is possible, so you have to do it. condition president-the stated condition in the contract must arise before you obligation to contract comes up, if stated condition does not occur, you don't have to do the contract."if i purchase land by april 20100 thn your
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mgmt 02-15-2010 - types of contracts difference between...

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