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mgmt 02-24-11 - agency by aparent authorityno agent...

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agency by aparent authority- no agent relationship at all. not at first. no acutal authory given to principle by agent. pseudo agent claiming to be able to do things on behalf of pseudo principle. principle should have known about it. principle does nothing to try to stop pseudo agent from doing what they're doing. then your giving them permission. "astop." you have to stop them from what they're doing. couples break up, girl keeps shopping with card. nooo you have to change your account settings, cancel the cards. you hire salesman but they steal from you, you fire them. they go out and get huge contracts. comes back and says take me back. you say no. he goes to your clients and says huge sale 85% off. your bound to those contracts because you didn't do something you should've done "call your clients" by law- babysitter respsonible for child duties of an agent to a principle fiduciary duty. highest duty recognized by law. doesn't matter if you get paid or not. you can leave if you want, but while you work for them, they come first. duty of loyalty. you cant serve 2 masters at the same time. master comes first. if you cant do that, then you quit. if an offer is presented to principle you have to ask them it was offered to you, do you want it? if they don't, then you can take it after FULL DISCLOSURE you have a duty to perform as i tell you too. reasonable based on whats reasonable in that area.
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mgmt 02-24-11 - agency by aparent authorityno agent...

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