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mgmt 02-17-2011 - acceptance unconditional- you cant change...

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acceptance unconditional- you cant change anything from the offer to the acceptance (mirror rule) must be definite- i accept. words or actions. legally communicated back to the offeror. when its effective may surprise you. when was the offer valid? valid when its dispached properly by the offeree offeror can specify means of acceptance and if its not accepted in that way then it may take longer to process and the offeror can revoke office. Mailbox Ruleit must be put into stream of mailing. (as simple as putting at the corner of your edge) Unilateral offer- TOTAL performance. swim can revoke offer right before you finish or accept. your stuck. 2nd element to a contract consideration- (payment term but not really. legal term legal detriment) when you registered for class they didn't say we had to do 20 hours of work at swims house or we have to pay swim. when we exchange work for money. weh we exchange my work for his legal detriment then he's getting a benefit. we don't have to do work but when we do it then its to our legal detriment. detrimentally reliance & promisory asstople- you offer something, you know they aren't in a position to accept. they go out of their way to get in position to accept. you know your NOT gonna give the the person the contract. your just leading them on to be mean. Minority rule. if you make an offer and you know your gonna revoke it, then revoke it. Losery(allusery) Promise- i'll give you a bonus if you bring enough
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This note was uploaded on 05/01/2011 for the course MGMT 209 taught by Professor Swim during the Spring '08 term at Texas A&M.

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mgmt 02-17-2011 - acceptance unconditional- you cant change...

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