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mgmt 04-05-2011 - not doing your work court said per se...

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anti-trust law- The good of the consumer. coney vacuum oil- got together to fix prices in the oil industry. court said power to fix prices=monopoly. FOOTNOTE 59 "per se" justice that wrote opinion wrote footnote that said theres no reason for there ever to be horizontal pricing (apalation coal did… what?!?) BMI(company determines copywrite uses & send bill to users) /CBS came along- copyrights. 2 got rid of FOOTNOTE 59 and it was HUUGE US supreme court. schools brought lawsuit to NCAA for price fixing. 1990 _____vs. superior lawyers association- group of lawyers. court appointed defense attorneys in washington D.C. not getting paid enough so they get together and tell judge. pay this or we're
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Unformatted text preview: not doing your work. court said: per se legal unless its the only way to do it. vertical price fixing- setting minimum price. or saying we wont sell it. we wont buy it? boycott st. louis newspaper. leegin creative leather products incorporated (brighton). vs. somethingggg k shoes. shoe store in north part of dallas. made a lot of money off brighton. brighton said you cant put stuff on sale unless its discontinued. they did it anyway. pull it off line. all judged by rule of reason approach. volume discount exceptions;; change of condition meeting competitions price justify. change in price....
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