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mgmt 04-14-10 - Landin Griffin Act- made labor unions clean...

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Landin Griffin Act- made labor unions clean up their act. Chapter 12 Employer/Employee (old term was master/server) you have to do what they tell you to do, when they tell you to do it, how they want you to do it. empoyer/ employee with an agency relationship (manager) someone you hire to work in your place. has ability to bind employee in contract. above does not. contractor- you hire them to do the entire finished product. they deal with all the workers and baggage. Employment-at-will You can quit if you want to quit. They cant ask you to do something illegal. protection: written contract replaces employment at will. at texas a&m laid of teachers because of expected paid cuts. had to let teachers know they wouldn't have a new contract a year ahead of time. you wont get contract unless its union negotiated. implied contracts; you say i love john the company wouldn't run without him. then fire him for budget cuts. john can say "i got an implied contract" if john had 30 years with the company some states would back john up. you can get fired for being incompetent. if you cant adapt to new computers, they can fire you. being insubordinate can get you fired.telling the boss off. financial hardship. they can fire you. some firing is against public policy. 1. refusing to disobey the law. 2. jury duty 3. military service (science the war this got sketchy, they were gone for too long and 4. exercising legal rights. you have a lawsuit against your companies big client, boss cant fire you. Montana is to credit. statutory law you cant be discharged if its under
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mgmt 04-14-10 - Landin Griffin Act- made labor unions clean...

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