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LECTURE20 - product assosiation spy to learn about arts and...

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Unformatted text preview: product assosiation spy to learn about arts and crafts movement crime against form. wants unviersal acceptance electricity company inf-> frank loyd wright designed every little detail. 4/11/2011 !"#$%&'(&)*+,."/$)&0 1&/2+$%/$3'!"#$%&'(&)*+,4)/"$+)53'1#.%#6'"5'6%&' 4%+5%7'(%&8"50' 9"$%3':;:: <,$,&+-8 =2%'>+$0'?+-%-'▼ @03'A8B%&$)'@)//+)5+ 9"$%3':;:C very influencial! factory. first modernist building modern form are getting more mature. transperancy. position of clock. plan is Asymertrical simplistic. movement. color. ship in the back. steam. <,$,&+-8 @03' (+"/)8)'@"##" 9"$%3':;:D <,$,&+-8 4"'>+$$"'E,)F"' 9%-+G5%&3' 9"$%3':;:H movement obsession. the new city. publishes works as book. date war begins. pretend to be very scientific. architecture. elevators. futurists- antonio sant'elia, ummberto boccioni, ____ futurists 2 4/11/2011 ?,--+"5'>)5-$&,/$+F+-8 @03'I"J+8+&'K"#%F+/2 9"$%3':;:L ?,--+"5'>)5-$&,/$+F+-8 MN"8*#%-').' 9%-+G5%&3' I"J+8+&'K"#%F+/2' 9"$%3'/"O':;DC -socially utilitarian -unite art with technology -technical not just aesthetic -absorveed art in industrial production -replaced stuido art with laboratory art. series of works. architectons. ?,--+"5'>)5-$&,/$+F+-8 P#"6+8+&' ="$#+57':;DC Q P#"6+8+&'="$#+57':;:L ?,--+"5'>)5-$&,/$+F+-8 R&"F6"'S%"6T,"&$%&-' 9%-+G5%&3'P+U$)&'"56'1#%U-"&' P%-5+5 9"$%3':;DH cicular/linear. most important building of constructionism similarity in sculputres. 3 4/11/2011 ?,--+"5'>)5-$&,/$+F+-8 V)F+%$'R"F+#+)57'R"&+-'MN*)').'9%/)&"$+F%' 1&$-' 9%-+G5%&3'I)5-$"5$+5'K%#5+U)F 9"$%3':;DH ?,--+"5'>)5-$&,/$+F+-8 ?,-"U)F'!)&U%&-W'>#,B 9%-+G5%&3'I)5-$"5$+5' K%#5+U)F 9"$%3':;DXQY symbolic. path towards justice in a class less society. rise of facist movement in italy. FT marinettie futurist manifesto, 1909: -factories suspended by thread of thier smoke -electirc hearts -ships. -belly of rouge locomotives -hungy automobile unhappy lamps burning wheels metal scratches racing atuomobile electric moons railway stations bridges. young radicalspassion towards SPEED! burn museums. 1886- new buildng auditorium (opera) engineer- donmakr adlar, sullivan was author of :form follows function. hotel would be on presitgous side office, tower, hotel. rosevelt university now aquires building. stern facade. 4 ...
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  • Futurism, Frank Loyd Wright, electricity company inf, first modernist building, elevators. futurists- antonio, war begins. pretend

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