info 209 exam 1 review

info 209 exam 1 review - chapter 1 keys terms...

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chapter 1 keys terms computer-based information systems- A combination of hardware, software,and telecommunication networks that people build and use to collect, create, and distribute data. data- Recorded, unformatted information, such as words, and number, that often has no meaning in and of itself. hardware- physical computer equipment, such as the computer monitor, central processing unit, or keyboard. information- data that has been formatted and/or organized in some way to be useful. information systems- Assumed to mean computer-based information systems that are combinations of hardware, software, and telecommunications networks that people build and use to collect, create, and distribute useful data; this term is also used to represent the field in which people develop, use, and manage, and study computer based information systems in organizations. information technology- machine technology that is controlled by or uses information. knowledge- a body of governing procedures, scubas guidelines or rules that are used to organize or manipulate data to make it suitable for a given task. software -a program or set of programs that tell the computer to perform certain processing functions. technology- any mechanical and/or electrical means to supplement, extend, or replace manual operations or devices. telecommunications networks- a group of two or more computers linked together with communications equipment . wisdom- accumulated knowledge, gained though combination of academics tidy and personal experience, that goes beyond knowledge by representing broader, more generalized rules and schemes for understanding a specific domain or
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allows you to understand how to supply concepts from one domain to new situations or problems. Self study information systems today are b)continuing to evolve with improvements to the hardware and software. information systems are used in the following: a)professional b)educational c)governmental whereas data are raw unformatted prices of lists words or numbers, information is: a)data that has been organized in a form that is more useful computer-based information systems are descried in this chapter as b) a combination of hardware,software, and telecommunications networks that people build and use to collect, create and distribute data. in the 1980s which of the following became a popular tittle given toe executive who were responsible for the information's esteems function? b)CIO other terms that can be sued to represent the knowledge society include: a)a new economy b) the network society c) the digital world which of the following IS job titles is used for a person who's primary responsibility is directly doing maintenance on an information systems? b) maintenance manager which of the following is not classified as business knowledge and skills? c)systems integration which of the following was not discussed as a common type, or category, of information system used in the organizations? d)web graphics
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info 209 exam 1 review - chapter 1 keys terms...

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