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mgmt 02-22-11 - SOME Contracts have to be in writing Statch...

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Statch defraud old english law. 1677 try to remember when this thing came about. transfer in land had to be made ON PAPER. (earnest money contract) landline things (easiest? have right to use land to cross) when someone has the right to live there until they die. living somewhere besides lease must be in writing. any contract that cannot be done in a year. in the time you enter the contract, could it be done in a year? cant do 5 year lease in less than a year. lease of over a year must be in writing. if its POSSIBLE to do it in a year it doesn't have to be in writing paying the debt of someone else. if i don't pay, he has too. "he" is only obliged if they sign as a co-sighner. can apply in an executor or administrator. dad is not responsible for crazy sisters stuff. it comes out of sisters estate (paying for corvettes) 1677 women couldn't own land.dowry and courtesy. back then pre-nuptual agreement. commercial code. SCC? contracts of over 500$ under the ECC have to be in writing. ECC supplies a lot of the contract under common law. a reciept can be a contract. you do not bring in oral evidence to contradict the terms of a written contract. the written contract speaks for itself. condition- you have to bring in contract that speaks
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mgmt 02-22-11 - SOME Contracts have to be in writing Statch...

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