CHAPTER 8 - Piaget proposed that cognitive ability...

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Piaget proposed that cognitive ability development four stages, each involving a qualitatively different way of reasoning and understanding the world Four basic of development sensori-motor stage preoperational stage I cant see coke bottle, but people from other end can. concrete operational stage- 2 cups, more juice, kids sees more formal operational stage 11-12 ish preadolescence. Ability to apply logical thought to situations and fix problems. Understand philosophy politics and make own ideas and flow with new things. P251 Cognitive structures or concepts used to identify and interpret objects, events, experiences and information; children try to fit them into their existing schemes, a process known as assimilation. Object permanence= because something is out of sight doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. What did Kohlberg claim about the development of moral reasoning? Lawrence Kohlberg proposed stage theory of moral development He presented moral dilemmas to research participants and analyzed the moral reasoning that they described He classified moral raising into three LEVELS , with each level having two stages o People progress thought the levels and stages in a fixed order. o Each level has a prerequisite stage of cognitive development. Preconventional level what is good and what is bad. Kids don’t know what is right and wrong until they are taught. Stage one is right whatever avoids punishment or gains a reward Stage 1 the stage in which behavior that avoids punishment is right children obey out of fear of punishement Stage 2 the stage of self intrest. What is right is what benefits the individual or gains favor in return “you scratch my back I’ll scratch your back” Conventional level – which is right and wrong are based on the internalized standards of others,, “right” is whatevefr helps or is approved by others, or whatever is consistent with laws of society.
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Stage 3 Stage 4 Postconventional level- moral reasoning involves weighing moral alternatives; “right” is whatever furthers human rights Stage 5 Stage 6 How does Erickson’s theory describe the process of psychosocial development? Erik Erikson proposed eight psychosocial stages that encompass the entire lifespan Each stage is defined by a conflict involving an individual’s relationship with the social environment, which must be resolved satisfactorily for healthy development to occur. How does Erickson’s theory describe the process of psychosocial development?
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CHAPTER 8 - Piaget proposed that cognitive ability...

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