CHAPTER 10 - Chapter 10- Health and Stressors Sources of...

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Chapter 10- Health and Stressors Sources of stress Stress- psychological & psychological responses to a condition that threatens or Stress is associated with the flight or fight response o Response in which the nervous system & endocrine glands prepare the body to fight or flee. Stressor- stimuli or event capable of producing physical or emotional stress. According to Richard Lazarus, hassles cause more stress than major life events. (little things pile up) Research shows stressors lead to health problems o Uplifts neutralize hassles Job stress Consequences- Reduced effectiveness, absenteeism, accidents, lower morale, and substance abuse. Effective functioning and job satisfaction depend on 9 variables within comfort zone o Workload o Clarity of job description and evaluation criteria o Physical variables o Job status o Accountability o Task variety o Human contact o Physical challenge o Mental challenge Most people deal well with catastrophic events But some develop Post Tramatic Stress disorder (PTSD)
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o Prolonged, severe stress reaction often characterized by flashbacks or nightmares o PSTD is associated with increased risk of suicide, depression, nightmares and alcohol abuse. Psychologists have different views of the ways in which people respond to stressful experiences. Each approach can help us gain insight to our own expirineces to deal more effectively with stress. GENERAL ADAPTION SYNDROM
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CHAPTER 10 - Chapter 10- Health and Stressors Sources of...

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