Econ 141 Syllabus SP11 (2)

Econ 141 Syllabus SP11 (2) - ECONOMICS 141: ECONOMICS OF...

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ECONOMICS OF HEALTH CONSUMERS Spring 2011, T-TH 12:30 - 1:50 pm, Solis 104 Instructor : Dr. Melissa Famulari Office: Economics Bldg, 221 e-mail: Office Hours: Wednesdays 11-2:00 Teaching Assistants: (1) Benjamin Backes Office: Econ 119 Office Hrs: Tu-Thu 11-12:30 (2) Robert Mackay Office: Sequoyah Hall 266 Office Hrs: Monday 9-11:00 (3) Matthew Niedzwiecki Office: Econ 123 Office Hrs: T-TH 9:30-11:00 Prerequisites: Econ 100C Assessment: There are two inclass midterm exams, Thursday, April 21 th and Thursday, May 12 th , each of which is worth 25% of your grade. The final exam is cumulative and is worth 50% of your grade. The final is Monday, June 6 from 11:30a-2:30p. Course Objectives: This course will examine the health care sector and health policy from an economic perspective. The focus of this course will be on the consumer side of the health market: the demand for health and medical care, the demand for health insurance, proposals to address the uninsured, employer provision of health insurance and the effects on worker wages, the decision to change jobs and retirement, estimating the value of a life and the value of health improvements, demand for medical care when there are both time and money costs, and international comparisons of health systems. Note: 140 focuses on the suppliers of medical care (physician, nurses, hospitals, medical malpractice, medical errors and the quality of care, and the pharmaceutical industry). Course Materials Required Readings : Required reading are listed below and are available on WebCT. Web CT: This is where you access the syllabus, problem sets, old exams, class handouts, readings, your grades, a discussion board, etc. Administrative Issues: (1) Exams are closed book and electronic free: you may not use any notes, electronic devices, books or consult other classmates. (2) Any student found guilty of academic dishonesty will earn a failing grade for the course. In addition to this academic sanction, the Council of Deans of Student Affairs will impose a disciplinary penalty. For a review of UCSD policy, please see http://www- . 1
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Econ 141 Syllabus SP11 (2) - ECONOMICS 141: ECONOMICS OF...

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