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1 ECO105 INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT SAN DIEGO FALL TERM 2010 SYLLABUS Lectures: Mondays from 5:00pm to 7:50pm in PETER103 Professor: Prof. Michael Noel: Office: ECON324 Office Hours: Mondays 3:30pm – 4:50pm Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Heea Jung: Section: Mondays 8-9pm Office: Sequaya Hall 227 Office Hours: Thursdays 11-12:30pm Email: [email protected] The Course Industrial Organization uses non-cooperative game theory to analyze the strategic behavior and interaction of firms in imperfectly competitive markets. Topics include pricing strategies, collusive behavior, entry decisions, entry deterrence, advertising, research and development, firm structure and merger activity. Special attention will be given to teaching the skills of economic modeling. Students will learn how to develop models and solve them for the profit-maximizing strategies of firms under a variety of market situations and the social-welfare-maximizing outcomes promoted by government. Required Textbook Pepall, L., G. Norman and D. Richards. Industrial Organization: Contemporary Theory and Empirical Applications, 4 th edition . Cincinnati, OH: Southwest College Publishing, 2008. Grading There will be one term test (33% of the total grade) held in class on October 18 th , and one final exam (67%) scheduled during the final exam week. If you have other plans on those dates, then you should not take the course . (Be aware that missing any class can be difficult to recover from.) The only allowable reasons for missing a test or exam is a medically documented and unexpected illness on test day, a death in the family immediately preceding test day, or as permitted under the university policy on religious observances, disabilities, and UCSD athletics conflicts. There are absolutely no other exceptions. Check your schedules well in advance. For religious observances, disabilities, and UCSD athletic conflicts, notice must be given two weeks
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2 before test day and alternate arrangements will be made. For illness, you must provide within one week of the test date a note from a physician stating that he/she evaluated you the same day
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eco105_10f_syllabus - ECO105 INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION...

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