Test2 BIO NOTES - Annulus FibrosustheVertebral BODY...

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TEST TWO NOTES Cartilage doesn’t contain blood vessels and nerves Membrane that lines marrow cavity- endosteum Membrane that covers bone- periostem Marrow cavity- stem cells, red, white blood cells, platelets Growth plate- (epiphyseal plate) Ends- epiphysis Shaft- diaphysis Canals within the bone that communicate with other osteocytes- canaliculi some nerves and blood vessels in here also Central canal or haversian canal- blood vessels and nerves Eirumferential lamellae Concentric lamellae Lamellae Lacunae- cavities which contain mature bone cells- osteocytes Incomplete osteon or interstitial lamellae Vertebral canal (houses spinal cord) Spinous process Transverse process BODY Yes it’s a vital part of our anatomy! Conus Medullaris Anchors the spinal cord so it does not move Coccyx Cauda equine (horses tail) Ligament- Filum terminale Spinal Cord ur anatomy? Does it serve a function or is it vestigial (functionless)? Body Nucleus Pulposus Annulus Fibrosus Annulus September 20, 2010 Functions 1. Support 2. Movement 3. Movement 4. Protection 5. Blood cell production 6. Storage Cartilage: 3 types: 1. Hyaline 2. Fibrocartilage 3. Elastic cartilage Chondroblasts - are cells that make cartilage, the matrix (substances that make up the background of cartilage) surrounds chondroblasts and theses are now called a Chondrocyte mature cartilage cell - The space or cavity that a Chondrocyte occupies is a lacunae . Perichondrium
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Test2 BIO NOTES - Annulus FibrosustheVertebral BODY...

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