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Kristin Mangrum_Journal1-6 - M a n g r u m | 1 Kristin...

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Unformatted text preview: M a n g r u m | 1 Kristin Mangrum Mrs. D Newsome ENGL 2620 28 February 2011 Journal Topic Chapters 1-6 Mrs. Pontellier, a woman of just twenty-eight has found herself in a position that many Creole women of her time would not ever face. She has just declined Robert a swim, but with his persistence, she eventually made her way to the ocean with him. Now, she faces a light. A light that is growing inside her,”—the light which, showing the way, forbids it.” Edna Pontellier has just awakened a feeling of self- realization, in which she “was beginning to realize her position in the universe as a human being.” Mrs. Pontellier has now had a “taste” of how she could become, and the independence and the breakage of being just a possession to her husband are just the beginning. With what I have read, the person responsible for her state of awareness could be one of two people; her husband or Robert. Robert could be the culprit for which she has seen this light because he brings her out to the beach where these thought run over her, but also because she has a “voice” with...
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Kristin Mangrum_Journal1-6 - M a n g r u m | 1 Kristin...

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