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EE 312-DIGITAL ELECTRONICS SPRING 2009/2010 TAKE-HOME EXAM # 1: FINDING THE STATE OF THE TRANSISTORS Delivered on: 9 March 2010 Due (in class): 16 March 2010 10) For the transistor shown in Figure 1, assume α 2245 1 and V BE = 0.5V at the edge of conduction. V BE,SAT = 0.8V and V CE,SAT = 0.2V. What are the values of V E and V C for V B = 0V? For what value of V B does the transistor cut off? Saturate? In each case, what are the values of
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Unformatted text preview: V E and V C ? 11) In circuit shown in Figure 2, the transistor has β = 30. V EB,SAT = 0.8 V and V EC,SAT = 0.2 V. Find the values of V B , V E , and V C . If R B is raised to 270 k Ω , what voltages result? With R B = 270 k Ω , what value of β would return the voltages to the values first calculated? Figure 1 Figure 2...
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