Iliad__Unit_Test - The Iliad: Unit Test About the Story...

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The Iliad: Unit Test About the Story Multiple Guess: Select the BEST answer 1. The war in this story began when… a. Paris stole Helen from Menelaus b. Alexandros took Helen to Troy c. Menelaus’ wife was stolen from Sparta d. All of the above 2. As the story opens, Agamemnon and Achilles are… a. Watching the ships sail in b. Eating lunch c. Killing the Achaean troops d. Camped out by their ships 3. Who comes to beg for the return of his daughter? a. Chyrseis c. Brisus b. Briseis d. Chryses 4. Who shoots great arrows at the Greeks? a. Achilles c. Athena b. Apollo d. Hermes 5. When Achilles asks Calchas why they are being fired upon with the great arrows, why is he afraid to answer? a. He doesn’t want to admit his guilt b. Agamemnon might kill him c. They will hang his wife if he tells d. The Greeks will go to war if they know the truth 6. Why does Achilles want to kill Agamemnon? a. Agamemnon, a man, holds himself above Achilles, part god. b. Agamemnon says he will take Achilles’ girl if he is forced to return his own. c. Agamemnon hides in the center of the troops while Achilles goes to war. d. All of the above. 7. Who stops Achilles from harming Agamemnon? Why? a. Athena; Hermes told her to b. Athena; Hera told her to c. Zeus; Hera told him to d. Zeus; Agamemnon begged him to 8. Why does Achilles quit fighting? a. Agamemnon takes Briseis b. Agamemnon takes Chryseis c. Agamemnon takes Chryses d. Agamemnon hits him 9. Who does Achilles turn to for help?
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Iliad__Unit_Test - The Iliad: Unit Test About the Story...

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