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Psych 437_Schwartz

Psych 437_Schwartz - Psychology 437 Adolescent Development...

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Psychology 437 Adolescent Development Instructor: David Schwartz, Ph.D. Office: SGM 629 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: 1:30 to 3:30 Mon and Wed (or by appointment) Teaching Assistant: Marissa Ericson Office: SGM 610 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: 12:30 to 1:30 Mon and Wed General Comments: The syllabus below is a contractual agreement between the students and the instructor. Please read this document carefully, and familiarize yourself with the class policies. Be aware that none of the policies described are negotiable and that by agreeing to take this class, you are accepting the terms of the syllabus in full . In order to receive grades on your midterms, you will be required to sign a student information sheet that includes a promise to follow the syllabus in full. Course goals: This course will provide students with a broad overview of the research on adolescent development. We’ll examine development and functioning in a wide variety of contexts. Although psychological perspectives on adolescence will be emphasized, we will also consider theory and findings from other disciplines (particularly biology, education, sociology, and anthropology). Across domains of investigation, controversies and areas of uncertainty will be highlighted. Interest in the study of child and adolescent development and critical thinking about the relevant concepts will be encouraged. Text: Steinberg, L. Adolescence: Ninth Edition . McGraw-Hill: New York. Supplemental Readings: Additional readings will be assigned throughout the semester. These readings will be posted on the Blackboard website in .PDF form (see below for further information). The supplemental readings will be drawn primarily from Current Directions in Psychological Science , an academic journal published by the American Psychological Society. There will also be chapter from my upcoming book, and another publication from the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Internet: Copies of powerpoint slides from class and the syllabus midterm review sheets will be available through the BLACKBOARD program (in the COURSE DOCUMENTS folder). Your supplementalreadings will also be available for download (in the ASSIGNMENTS folder). In addition, grades for the exams will be communicated via BLACKBOARD. You should contact the computer center for information about BLACKBOARD, or see your TA with any questions.
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We sometimes communicate information about the class via e-mail. So, it is a good idea to check your e-mail regularly during the course of the semester. Lectures: Lectures will often include material that is not in the test. Lectures will also be very well represented on the mid-terms. For this reason, I recommend that all students plan on attending class regularly. If you miss class, you will need to make arrangements to get notes from one of your classmates. I do not distribute my own lecture notes to students.
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