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english 252_Behdad_Spring 2011 - English 252 Victorian...

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English 252 Victorian Travelers Professor Ali Behdad 3321 Rolfe Hall 825-3614 Office Hours: Tue. 2-4 This seminar addresses the complex relation between Victorian travel writing and British Imperialism. We will explore various forms of travel writing—e.g., exploratory, touristic, literary, etc.—by way of unpacking the “productive” role of travel in Victorian culture and British imperialism. As we read these narratives contrapuntally against related critical/theoretical works, we will pose a broad range of questions: What is the relation between discourses of travel and British imperialism? How do Victorian travelogues construct the exotic? What kind of rhetorical and narrative techniques do they employ? How do fictional and non-fictional accounts of travel participate in the production of Euro-imperialist subjectivity? What are the political and aesthetic implications of British representations of other worlds and other races in defining a national identity? What is the connection between anthropology and travel writing and between early anthropology and colonialism? How do voyages of discovery resemble and/or differ from tourism? What role does gender play in cultural representations of otherness? Class participation, a short presentation (20-30 minutes), and a seminar paper (12-
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This note was uploaded on 05/02/2011 for the course ENGLISH 252 taught by Professor Behdad during the Spring '11 term at UCLA.

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english 252_Behdad_Spring 2011 - English 252 Victorian...

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