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Unformatted text preview: LAB 127 Mehar Ghei LABORATORY EXPERIMENT REPORT Name: Mehar Ghei Group Members: Nicole Tran, Yvonne Chen, Nakib Junayed Experiment Date: Tuesday, November 9 th , 2010 Course Name: PHYS 111A Section: H01 Instructor: Beidi He LABORATORY #127 Torque, Inertia and Rotational Kinetic Energy 1. OBJECTIVE To calculate rotational kinetic energy of the rotating disk by measuring its angular acceleration and compare this value with the rotational inertia computed from calculations. To compute the energy loss of the system and compare it to the mechanical energy of the system at two points in time. 2. THEORETICAL BACKGROUND = τ Fr F is force, r is the distance between the line of F and the axis of rotation. Torque is positive if clockwise and negative if counter clockwise. = I mr2 I is rotational inertia for a single point mass m at a distance r from the axis. According to Newton’s Law of Rotation, = τ Iα Rotational Kinetic energy is, = K 12Iω2 3. EQUIPMENT Page 1 of 5 Disk mass M Disk radius R moment of inertia from size and mass I = 1 / 2 MR 2 mass of a small weight m small pulley radius r angular acceleration α from regression moment of inertia from acceleration I will be calculated if you type in derived function. [kg] [m] [kgm 2 ] [kg] [m] [rad/s 2 ] [kgm 2 ] 1.3558 0.063 0.0026906 0.0276 0.0133 1.206 0.00298 I total (f rom geometry and mass) = 0.0027 Cylinder air bearing mass m b Cylinder air bearing inner radius r b inner Cylinder air bearing outer radius r b outer Moment of...
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