HISTORY NOTES - Themes 1 Global Interrelatedness World...

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Themes: 1. Global Interrelatedness World keeps getting smaller European nations dominating the world Positive: Ideas and good traded, least tariffs and taxes, less barriers, Olympics (Greece) 2. Identity and Difference Race, ethnicity: can cause conflicts 3. Mass Society Increase of population Cause? Better healthcare, hygiene, antibiotics, more food, better nutrition. Negative: poverty, lack of space Positive: developing cities, workforce, families move to urban areas for jobs. Larger armies: warfare 4. Technology vs. Nature Technology reversed “natural” aspect. Destroying habitat. 1 st airplane (Wright brothers), combustion engine, automobiles, better weapons, internet, communication Atomic bomb: anxiety More people that have bombs, more possibility of mishaps. - 1 st half of 20 th century: Eurocentric. Europe takes over most of the world. - Why? Colonial era. 1500-1800. Naval power, quest for shipping. - Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands: 5 Naval Powers. - Looking for trade routes to east, Columbus goes west. - U.S was “discovered” because now the world knew about it, despite the Native Americans having lived on it. - Vikings discovered it, didn’t document it. -
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HISTORY NOTES - Themes 1 Global Interrelatedness World...

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