10.27.10 - CH 4 Russian Revolution Darkness at Noon...

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10/27/10 CH: 4 - Russian Revolution - Darkness at Noon , Rubashov: middle class, Russian prisoner because he’s educated. Gletkin: interrogator, represent peasant class. - Karl Marx : communist Manifesto. o Proletariat: working class o Bourgeois: ruling class, intellectuals - Stalin wants to rid Russia of Bourgeois and lazy peasants. From peasant background. - Nicholas II (little father): tsar. Wants to industrialize to keep up with Western nations. o Tax increases by 50% in a decade o Bad working conditions o Workers can’t unionize - Peaceful protests, working class asks for changes. - Bloody Sunday, Jan 22, 1905, St. Petersburg: Nicholas has them killed, 100s die. - Russo-Japanese War: Japan defeats Russia under nick’s rule. Lowers reputation. - These two start the Revolution of 1905: people want change, riots, protests. - Tsar Nick: promises to create o Duma: Russian parliament: false elections, fills up with royalists chosen by tsar. Façade. o Constitution: rights and freedoms to people. (never institutes this) - WWI: Russia is retreating from Germans. Early failures, reflection on tsar. - Tsar has problems feeding military and nation. Malnutrition and Starvation. - Commands military himself: failure. March 8, 1917 Women of Petrograd: March of Women, St. Petersburg. Hard time feeding kids and family, protests and demonstrations. March 10, 1917 Workers of Petrograd see women protesting and start general strike. Walk out of work, Peaceful. Nicholas commands: disperse crowd. Military disobeys. Won’t fire upon crowd. Nick loses power. March 12, 1917 Establishment of provisional government. Parliament (duma) assumes power.
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March 15, 1917 Tsar Nicholas II abdicates throne, leaves in order to survive. Provisional Government? - Order establishment of Constituent Assembly . Create constitution. - WWI still raging. Starvation. Government keeps war going because of alliance and pride. Downfall of government. - Soldiers fleeing the front. Officers and all. - Formation of Soviets: governing councils. -
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10.27.10 - CH 4 Russian Revolution Darkness at Noon...

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