11.3.10 - 11.3.10 1st world depression. Government must do...

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11.3.10 - 1 st world depression. Government must do something. - New Deal: restores hope. “Schools of thought” (119) Conservative and Liberal. - FDR: avoid resolution. ¼ people out of work, might revolt like Russia. Moscow ~ communism. CH: 6 Fascism - Fascio di combattimento: 1920s Mussolini starts party. - Democracy, communism, fascism. - Fascism : dictator, economy: dictator + big business land owners, industries (capitalism) - Italy and Germany: newly established countries. Italy was fascist, feeble and young constitu\tional democracy. - Constitutional monarchy: King + parliament ~ people. (In Italy now and Great Britain) - 2 Party: socialist and catholic (opposites) - Italy wants the land from Austria-Hungary that it was promised in WWI. It was not worth the ½ million men dead. - Cost of living is 4x of that before war. - Red Scare : workers protest. - Mussolini leaves socialist party. Journalist military. Large loss and not enough compensation. - Comes back after war. 1919 wants to start own party in Italy. Fascist. - Campaign: give women vote. 8 hour work day. Strong arm: blackshirts . Problem? Black shirts take care of it, end strikes, riots. - Industry owners, large land owners, business owners like him and fund him - 1922: 300,000 members. - 1922: threaten to march on Rome. October, King and Parliament members ask him to be prime minister so he stops marches. - Advisors say to take over power. He says it’ll come to him . - Assassination of socialist party leader. Everyone blames fascist party. Socialists and Catholics boycott parliament. Walk out of parliament hoping Mussolini would resign. He takes over instead. - 1926: Mussolini has full dictatorship over Italy. - He dissolves all opposing parties - Dissolves unions, striking, protests. - Press: strict censorship. Only stories he wants printed are released. Reduces size of parliament~ façade. - Has ability to rouse crowds. Well liked. - Bring back days ancient Rome, wealth, conquer. - Power over press. Propaganda. Encourages his ways.
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- Results of his policies: still low wages, unhappy, small businesses suffer: can’t invest money. Restricted.
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11.3.10 - 11.3.10 1st world depression. Government must do...

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