11.24.10 - 11.24.10 Roosevelt wanted to help but everyone...

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11.24.10 - Roosevelt wanted to help but everyone was against war. Isolationism. Roosevelt needed something to get people to change their mind. Allowed Pearl Harbor? Saved the carriers. - U.S declares war on Japan. - “I shall return” – McCarther - Germany (Dec 11 1941) declares war on U.S - Why? Blunder: (Roosevelt- social suicide if he declared war) o Hitler is ignorant to capabilities of U.S o Racially mixed society. Hitler is social Darwinist. U.S is melting pot ~ mixed races ~ weak society. o Germanny was already at war with U.S. Lend-Lease Act with great Britain. Supplying Britain. - Battle of Coral Sea (May 1942) South of New Guinea. U.S navy vs. japan. U.S wins. Prevents invasion of Japanese is Australia - Midway Island: Victory. North West Pearl Harbor. June 1942. U.S decoded Japanese messages. Japan wants to invade Midway Island. U.S sent 4 carriers, Jap navy decimated. Turning Point. - Guadacanal, Soloman Islands: Island hopping. - Slowly gaining ground on mainland Japan. - Aerial bombing: hitting enemies main production, ports, etc. creating landing strips on islands. Victories of U.S over Japan. Japan fights till death, no retreating. No surrender. If do tortured. (skinned, chopped up, thought that of U.S) - Nov 1942: El a Le main: British knock Germany out of Egypt. - Nother Africa: Germany surrenders. May 1943 + Italians. - Europe: Stalingrad lost by Germany. Nov 1942. Regained by Soviets. - Hitler tells soldiers to fight till last man to protect Stalingrad. Principle of Germany retreating, NAME. Stalin. Can’t go back to Soviets. - Hitler’s mistake . Lost ½ million men. POW treated bad. - German U Boats : destroying supply boats from U.S to Britain. Lose a lot of ships and supplies. - Sonar System : detect submarines. Depth charges, barrels of explosives. - Protect ships by aircraft. - March 1943 : 41 German submarines lost. Cannot sustain. (very successful arsenal previously) - Axis powers falling. Italy 1 st to fall. May 1943. Britain pushes them out of north Africa. July 1943, Allies invade Sicily. Within two weeks, the King steps up and has Mussolini arrested.
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11.24.10 - 11.24.10 Roosevelt wanted to help but everyone...

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